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Thread: Default account settings.

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    Default account settings.
    I have done a few searches and could not find anything on the subject. I apologise if this has been discussed before.

    I would like to change the default settings for new accounts I create on the machine. Things such as which programs appear in the dock (I am sick of dragging them every time I re-image a machine or set it up for a different user), as well as all the settings in System Preferences.

    Is there any way I can customise one account to look and feel the way I want, then set it so all new accounts that get created have that exact same look and feel the moment they are created?

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    What about copying ~/Library/Preferences/ and other related files into the new accounts? You might have to do a little digging in there to see what other preference files you might want to copy over. You could then put all this into a script and just run the script for new account.

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