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    Folder handled as a file
    Hi all!

    Someone know if is it possible to use a folder as a single file? File with .rcproject extension are handled as imovie project file. If I remove the extension .rcproject, the file become a folder. How is it possible to reproduce this behaviour?

    How is it possible to create a new association between a folder and an application?

    Any help is appreciated.


    -- Stefano

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    Are you writing the application yourself? I doubt just adding an extension to a particular application will automatically mean that i'll open or do anything with that app.

    Anyway, that kind of info is in the info.plist of the app. (you'll have to show package contents of the app). The thing you'll want to look for in particular is "CFBundleTypeExtensions".

    You can really add any extension to a folder and it'll be treated like a bundle. Like if you add .wdgt it'll turn into the widget icon. The folder, obviously, is still just an empty folder.

    I hope that helps, for whatever it is that you're trying to do.

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    I'm writing an application that save some informations into a folder. I want to handle this folder as single file; in other word if the user has this application it see a single file otherwise it see a folder with it's content.

    Thanks for your reply!

    -- Stefano

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