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    Data Recovery issues
    hello, i recently had a Lacie external drive that brought upon disaster. I plugged it in one day and a message came up saying "hard drive could not be read by this computer" and gave me the options of "initialize, ignore, or eject." So I have Tech Tool Pro 4 and I used that to try and retrieve the data. It did a pretty good job for the most part except it didn't recover some really important video footage properly. What happened was it recovered the video files, but the computer is reading them as document files. The funny thing is is that the size of the files and the names are correct, and some of them even opened up in quicktime and final cut pro. I'm wondering is there a way I can get these back to .mov files or should I try to use a different data recovery program or whatever. I'm not convinced that these files are corrupt. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    So these files... what kind of extensions do they have now?

    When you say "document files", what kind of files do you actually mean?
    One last push!

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    Just rename the file and add the file extension .mov or the final cut pro extension. And the file should show up as a video file again. Otherwise DataRescue 2 is a good dta recovery program to use, but you need to be careful with handling data and disk this site might be of some help

    keep us updated if you get it resolved

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