Hey everyone,
I often switch between 2 operating systems, os x and windows. I have noticed that the two handle usb drives differently. To remove the USB drive in os x, I must drag it to the trash and wait for it to disappear from the desktop before I can take it out. However, in Windows, I can just yank it right our of there with no problem (as long as there is the little icon in the bottom that says Safely Remove Hardware) you don't really have to "eject" it like you do in os x because it tells you that it's ok to take it out. it seems as though windows doesn't cache the writes to the removable media, yet os x does.

I used to use ubuntu before I bought my mac. In Ubuntu, there was a way to force the OS to write immediately, thus, allowing one to simply remove the drive without ejecting. Is there any way that I can do this in OS X?