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Thread: Dock won't respond to right-click

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    Dock won't respond to right-click
    Hey all
    I just got a new imac few days ago and i've not even had the time to install/move files to it. However, last night I looked for an application to make my dock transparent and then when I tried to install it (according to instructions, aka replace resources folder in dock package) it said I had insufficient permissions (errm, I'm admin?) so I gave it up AND NOTHING WAS REPLACED. But the dock then behaved weird (why? nothing was installed!) as I wouldn't get the submenu appear when right-clicking a dock icon. So I went to terminal and restarted the dock but it didn't fix it.
    Do I really have to reinstall the system now? That would be a pain in the butt.
    If you have any ideas, please help me out.

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    Jan 06, 2005
    since i didn't find any help, i reinstalled the system. this thread can now be closed/forgotten.

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