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    Keyboard shortcut to open/launch application
    I have a program that I always run and it has a single window that I want to be able to open or put above everything els when its open in the background with a keyboard shortcut.

    I have tried to use the sys prefs>keyboard>shortcuts but I cant get one that will open the window above all others. it seems that this method only works with the shortcuts if the application is actually open and selected.

    How would I go about getting this to work?

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    Download Quicksilver would be the way I'd go to do that.
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    I knew someone would say that, but its not what im after. With quicksilver I have to kit a key combo to activate it then type the name of the application to get it to open. would be quicker just to use my mouse and click the icon in the dock.

    Im just after a plan and simple key combination.

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    Just an update, I found a program called "spark" that does exactly what I want. its a program that allows you to assign keyboard shortcuts to launch applications. It also does other stuff but I haven't really fiddles with it

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    Thank you for posting an update to your thread. It's contributions like this that keep forums useful. Too often people ask the questions and once they figure out the answer they bail, neglecting to add anything to the forum that might be of use to future visitors.

    Nice work and thank you.


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    Just use spotlight. Command+spacebar, type the first few letters and as long as the app is the top one, press return!

    Mac OS X: Keyboard shortcuts to launch any application « conradium

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