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    Exclamation "...system is incompatible"
    i'm running osx 10.2 on a 17" powerbook. lately when i try to open some programs, a message pops up saying:

    "the application can not be launch because the system is incompatible".

    when i right click, and open the file with a previous version it works. for example, if i have a JPG on my desktop, and i try to open it, the warning comes up. if i right click that same file and open with Preview v2.0.1, it will open, but not with v2.1.1. The same thing happens w/ my StuffIt and when i open .dmg files.
    this is my first mac, i'm pretty newb at most things, but i'm really trying. i can't figure out what the H i did wrong, but if someone is familiar w/ the problem, please help me out!

    adam :bandage:

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    try. repair permissions. After every software update, and about every 2 weeks: close all apps and log totally off. Log on, go in Finder, Applications. Utilities, Disk Utility. After the message -getting disk information- select volume (below the hard drive name -upper left corner). Just highlight it. Now look to the lower two things are there near the middle, verify permissions, repair permissions

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