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    Chinese Subtitles?
    Alright, so my mother isn't very good in English, and I have a couple of movies I want to show her on my iMac. Problem is that the Chinese subtitles are not showing up on my screen when I open it with my videos with VLC player.

    I add subtitles to my movies frequently with foreign language films, and English subtitles usually work without a hitch. But Chinese subtitles usually turn out to be looking like squares and triangles for some reason on the screen, although the timing seems correct.

    I am wondering if somebody can help me with that problem? Perhaps there is something I can change in the settings so that I can play the Chinese subtitles?

    Greatly appreciated guys.

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    It sound like a font problem, the subtitle systems - are they in a text file? What happens if you open this file with an editor. If the font is not found then you will get those funny shapes.

    Sorry don't know much about adding subtitles to films, but font substitution seems likely

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    In VLC's preferences there is a subtitle section. Maybe try to select a font from there that is a Chinese font.

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