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    Cool Cant boot, cant eject CD..HELP!
    Hey guys - I searched for a while but couldnt find the answer.

    I have a G4 tower running 10.3

    I changed my Startup Disk to boot into 9.2, and it crashed (froze) just after restarting. Upon rebooting a second time, I get the "cant find a system folder" blinking icon thing (System Folder with a flashing question mark).

    Now I could fix the problem if I could just get my OS X CD in there, but the CD drive wont eject. I have an aftermarket keyboard with no eject button and the drive itself has no buttons. There is a CD in the drive already and it just spins constantly during all this.

    Is there a key sequence or some reset button somewhere I can hit that'll magically eject it?

    Any help appreciated!

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    reboot and hold down the mouse button. this will eject the cd.

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    Arg, I knew it was going to be something painfully simple like that.


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    or, hold down x while starting up to boot into os x.

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