Hi everyone,

I recently picked up one of the latest MacBook Pros to replace my dying (though valiant-to-the-last-breath) Powerbook (2003-2008, RIP good buddy ).

Anyhow, I've been using Spaces to great effect on the new machine, with one minor glitch: On waking, Spaces always sends me to a different space. E.g. if it goes to sleep on space 2, on waking it will switch to space 4.

It was switching frequently enough back to space 1 that I thought perhaps that was default, to return to space 1. This morning, though, I was working on space 2, wandered away, and on returning and waking the machine, it popped over to space 4.

There seem to be no features or toggles that I can adjust regarding this in the spaces preferences-- but perhaps I'm overlooking something.

Any help would be appreciated. It's hardly catastrophic, but I find it a nuisance given the way I work.

Thanks, kindly!