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    OSX not showing hard drive space?
    So before i did a couple of updates on OSX my Mac HD would show the Total size and the available size right on my desktop. Now it only shows total size and i cant seem to figure out how to get it to display both sizes. I Have show item info checked in the desktop view options which is all it took before. Any ideas?


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    Highlight the harddrive icon on the desktop. Apple I (info) and in the menu click selection show item info

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    Actually strangly enough...I know exactly what he's talking about as it happened to me yesterday!

    I have a feeling that this had something to do with 10.3.6

    Whiteshark, good try, but I'm afraid you misunderstood his post. He has it enabled, but he can only see the total HD size.

    What happened is, somehow, you lost write permission to the HD.....(I don't even know how this is possible....)

    Well, here is your solution..:

    - Click on Macintosh HD.
    - Push Command+I
    - Then under Ownership & Permissions, you'll notice that it says "You can Read" This is the problem!
    - Click details, I assume you are the admin..Under group admin, change it to read & write. It will prompt for you password. Enter it..This will fix your problem!

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