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    Exclamation Ownership and Permissions
    Hello, at my workplace we have seven power macs with OS 10.3.6. We do a lot of file sharing, moving and editing and I'm having the biggest problem with ownerships and permissions. Am I stupid or does "Apply to enclosed items" mean that the permissions you set for the 'parent' folder would cascade to all the subfolders and files within that 'parent' folder? This is the problem that I am having, it does not cascade to those folders/files. I'd prefer to just have permissions disabled so I wouldn't have to worry about it, but I guess I'm missing the option in the "Get Info" palette of being able to Ignore Ownership and Permission for this Volume for my system hard drive since it is not there. Any ideas/solutions would be greatly appreicated, thank you.


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    Are you the admin user when you try to set permissions?

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    Yes, I am an administrator.

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    Quote Originally Posted by devanoff1113
    Yes, I am an administrator.
    make sure all fields say read & write. refer to screenshot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Macman
    make sure all fields say read & write. refer to screenshot.
    It is checked as appropriately. I currently have this folder giving me difficulty, the parent folder has permissions set to give me read and write capability and when I tell it to apply to enclosed items, the sub items still lock me out (i.e. read only). When I select the sub items, under ownership and permissions, the field that states what I can do is blank but when i select the drop down menu there is a hyphen next to read and write but also next to read only. It's the same thing for the Owner and Group access, though my user is stated in the group. When I put myself as the Owner and the Group, I am granted full access. My issue is I don't want to have to do this every time. With Windows, I can have inherited permissions where the permissions are set automatically according to the parent directory. I want to know why the apply to enclosed items doesn't work.

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