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Thread: Delted my Preferences App...:(

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    Delted my Preferences App...:(
    Through a series of very bad events, i deleted my Preferences app, and i cant change ANY preferences, time, log in, ect. :doctor:

    I have Panther(10.3)

    I REALLY need help with this, I really do not wana reinstall panther :teen:

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    ill send it to u, if u think that will work??

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainMack
    ill send it to u, if u think that will work??

    yea man, catch me on aim, circask8ter525

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    ...uhh..this is weird.....REALLLY WEIRD

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    the ONLY way to get it back is to reinstall panther, an archive and install might work, maybe. but someone sending a copy to you will not work.

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    Before you do a complete install, try using the combo update for what ever version of the OS you are using.
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