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    I know this is going to sound really stupid but I need some answers.

    We are using apple mail on our new iMac os 10 panther

    randomly when we attach a doc that was scanned by our scanner it places the doc in the body of the letter as well as placing it as an attachment, how do we get it to stop doing this?

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    Im not sure about Mail, but Entourage does this and it does it as a feature.. so it's not really in the body, but it is showing a preview of it, especially pdf's images, etc.. while I really like this feature, I guess some might not and Im not sure if you can turn it off.. Hopefully someone that uses Mail might have a little more info on this.

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    I think its just a preview, if your mailing to another mac user, it is in the body, if not, its not, but you cant turn it off, though why would you want to?

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    It is just a preview of the attached picture, it's not a double attachment. Mozilla does that too, as does Thunderbird.
    I'm using Mail, but couldn't find any way tu turn it off. The only thing I found was turning off image loading in HTML mails, which is kind of a protection against spammer.

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    i thought it was a preview too until one of our clients called and complained about it. it's just a hassel. our clients are not used to it coming up like that. I called apple and they had no clue.

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