I can't get Perl scripts in my path to properly run under Mac OS X (10.5.2). I'm using Smultron to edit the files, and have also taken them into nano via Terminal and saved both as DOS and Mac formats. When I save as DOS, I get this when I run the file:

/usr/bin/perl^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

I assume it's having problem interpreting the DOS CR/LF character and shows "^M" as a result. When I save in "Mac" format, the script does nothing (not even an error) when I run it. If I cat the Mac formatted script, it doesn't display properly:

$ cat perlscript.pl
$ FG,SWITCHCFG); shutports/ig) {(.+)/ig) {

(You're seeing a tiny portion of the script there; not even the end of it - but that's all it shows.) If I save in the DOS format, I can workaround the problem by running it as "perl path/scriptname.pl"; this eliminates the misinterpretation of !#user/bin/perl^M above. What am I doing wrong? Can I not run perl scripts that are in my path without typing the longhand "perl pathlist/filename"? Thanks.