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    Items that can be deleted to create space i.e.Printer Drivers??
    I just purchased the new MBP 2.5 Ghz laptop with an added 4 gigs of ram. I will by using the computer mostly for running Logic and Ableton to produce and play music.

    Since I will not be using the computer for many of its intended applications, what can I do to free up space? Itís not like I am running out of hard drive space but I could see that being the reality in the future.

    First thing I did was trashed the 3.4 gigs of printer drivers and now the OS takes up 16.4 gigs rather than the 20 or so. What other similar items could I trash to free up space? Also, since I am new to the mac world, could you also briefly describe how to do your suggestions?


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    Welcome to Mac-Forums!

    Here's a start...

    Just be careful what you delete. If your unsure, keep it in the trash, but don't delete it right away. Even one (needed) missing font could stop your Mac from booting.
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    Thanks, but that does not help.

    I am looking for ways to save space via deleting some unused bundled portions of the OS X. As I mentioned, for example the printer drivers are useless hence I deleted them. If I ever want to install a printer I will just use the cd that it came with. I am looking for similar space saving features. What items will I most likely not need in the OS that take up alot of space?

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    Also, note that after you delete any files, the space is not freed up until you empty the trash can. I emptied 50gb out of mine a couple weeks ago.

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