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    Empty trash hung up on locked folder
    I am encountering a problem emptying trash. I go into Finder and click on Empty Trash.
    I get the usual message “Are you sure you want to remove the items in the Trash permanently? I click OK. I get a message “Emptying the Trash cannot be completed because “AHF Lab and Preliminary Analysis is locked.” [This is a folder.] To empty everything in the Trash, including locked items, press the Option key while selecting Empty Trash.” Doing this has no effect. The same message comes up whether I hold down the Option key or not. How do I unlock this folder? I searched Mac Help for “unlocking folders” but came up empty.

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    Why not simply unlock the folder and empty the trash.
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    How do you unlock a folder? I searched for "unlock folder" in Mac Help and came up empty.

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