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    email attachments in Word- send and receive
    Still getting used to the Mac world - my free trial of Word for Mac runs out in a couple of days -

    If I don't install Word for Mac - how do I open attachments in emails sent to me which are Word/Excel documents etc?

    And how do I send my attachments via email which are in Pages to users of PC's?

    Simple stuff to experts no doubt, but still a mystery to me....


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    I believe pages can save a document in word as well as open word docs

    Otherwise you could use NeoOffice

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    Yes Pages does a very good job at saving to word and opening Word docs.

    In fact I actually prefer Pages to word.

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    Mar 29, 2008
    I already prefer Pages as well - it is just that with the Trial period Word for Mac, all my attachments open in the trial Word. When the trial finishes tomorrow, presumably I can open Word attachments in Pages? Is there anything I need to do?

    And is there a knack of saving a Pages file as Word, for forwarding on? It just seems to save to place, rather than as a file type (ie Word)

    Thanks all

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    No, just remove Word and Pages should automatically become the default app for handling Word files.

    From within Pages just do File > Export > Word Tab

    Save to your desktop or wherever and email from there.

    I'm sure you won't even miss word.

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