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    deleting files on external hard drive
    recently i had a new hard drive installed. (17" powerbook g4) all of my data was retrieved and stored on external hard drive. now external hard drive is full. disk warrior captured lots of stuff, but if i remove items like 'library' from the external hard drive, will i mess up the os on the powerbook?
    i ask because i am asked for 'adminstrator password' which suggests it's something i shouldn't remove.
    i have 'library' folder on powerbook hard drive in 'systems folder'.
    thank you in advance.

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    It shouldnt matter if you remove Library from the external hard drive. Its running off the internal hard drive anyway right? I would say to go ahead and delete anything OS X related on the external hard drive.

    I would wait for a second opinion though.

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    Why don't you try disconnecting the external hard drive and see if everything works as it should without it. If it does, then you're probably safe with deleting it.

    I kind of agree with mac0s9user, but just in case we're horribly wrong, this will be a safe way to test it out. The folder probably just kept the same permissions when it was transfered from your hard drive, so it's asking for your password.

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    good idea. i did and i'm still able to write a note thanking you and macos9.

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