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    Problem with Spaces and Microsoft Word 2008
    The problem is that no matter what space I assign Microsoft Word 2008 to, when I try to open it it always opens in the space I am currently in. For example, I have it set to open in the fourth space, and I open it while I'm in the second space, which is what I use for Mail, Address Book, and Dictionary. Instead of opening in the fourth space like it should, it opens in the second space, which I am on.

    It doesn't matter what space I assign it to, either. It does this regardless.

    None of the other applications that I've assigned spaces to behave in this manner. It is only Word.

    Anybody else having this problem?

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    I think this is a common problem with Word, I see people complaining about it a lot. There's no fix that I know of.

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    As Alycia mentioned, this is an acknowledged issue with Word 2008. We're probably going to have to wait for an update, if Microsoft ever plans on fixing it that is.

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