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    Hi I am relatively new to Mac after a life lost to the PC/Microsoft world. Anyway I have a small home network and store all my documents on a network attached hard drive (Buffalo Terastation).

    I travel a lot and want external access to my files and email via the internet. I was going to set up a PC Server with MS Small office and Exchange to facilitate this but then started to think that an Apple solution would be better. I don't want to spend a fortune as it is basically just me, and maybe another user or two, that would use the server.

    I started to think that Mac OSX Server running on a 2GHz Mac Mini with 120/160gb drive and 2 gig Ram. If the mini would run OK then this would be ideal due to low noise, footprint, consumption, etc and pretty cheap as well.

    I run a iMAC 24 and 2 macbook laptops.

    Would this be a practical and workable solution to my needs ?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Do you need email? Doesn't sound like it. Cost would not be cheap getting an MS SBS server since the licensing is over a grand. Wink Wink.

    Just use your iMac. With a .Mac account ($99) you can use "back to my Mac". Or just use SSH and then tunnel ftp traffic to it for secure file swapping. OR setup WebDAV if you want. Depends on your true goal.

    All server is going to do is cost you $499 on top of a mini, and provide a few built in tools to help with sharing.

    It can all be done with client with a couple google searches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scalleia View Post
    Would this be a practical and workable solution to my needs ?
    A Mac mini makes a great file server. As MacsWork mentioned, unless you need a Mail server then you could probably do without the Leopard SErver and just stick with basic Leopard. You can turn on File Sharing and connect with no problems.

    But if you did indeed need the Mail server, Server is a great way to go and is easy to setup. It also runs just fine on the Mac mini. - Your Mac mini in a data center. The perfect low cost server.

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