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    Smile BEST FONT MANAGEMENT software for Panther
    Anyone here an expert on font management? Have you tried all that's out there and know which one has least issues with Adobe and Quark software?

    I just got a new G5 10.3.5 and have been using Suitcase X1.
    Is FONT RESERVE better or worse...what do you think about FONT BOOK?
    Is there anything else? :p

    A link to a review would be cool.


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    Forget about Fontbook unless you're only managing a handful of fonts. I've used both Font Reserve and Suitcase a lot for as long as both have been around. They both have features I love and neither one is a clear cut winner for me. I'm currently using Suitcase and I often long for some of Font Reserve's features. Extensis bought Font Reserve a year or two ago, and when I spoke with an Extensis rep, he said their plans were to combine some of the best features of both into one mondo program. Time will tell.

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    FontAgent Pro
    Well... I just downloaded a trial version of FontAgent Pro which I found doing a search... It seems fairly new and I just started trying it.
    It looks very promising. I like the layout and the features and how you get a nice WYSIWYG comparison of your font family showing all font info.
    It gives you the option of only importing complete fonts initially, or putting problem fonts into a separate folder after you import.
    It's only $99... I'm gonna try it with all my programs tomorrow!
    If there are no issues..I'm gonna push to buy it!

    I will update tomorrow.


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    Suitcase x1 is the best, no contest, Ive tried the others like fontreserve, none are as good as suitcase. as a professional graphic designer, I currently have around 20,000 fonts on my mac, all managed by suitcase. I buy font sets, like agfa and adobe, and add them easily.
    suitcase works great with quark and indesign, all adobe products really, and indesign is so superior to quark, but definitely suitcase.

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