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    Question How to Hide Mail when mac is started?
    Hi guys. First of all, I am new to mac. Had to switch from pc cause Of too many hardware freezes. The question I have, is there a way to have Mail Open at Login, but not display the mail screen when mac os starts? When I choose hidden in the account login section, it still shows up when mac starts. I just like to be able to start mail with mac and just see how many mails i got (just shows # of mail icon but not show mail screen)

    Anyway, thanks. I am using Leopard 10.5.2.

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    As an alternative you could get a menu bar mail checker app - if you've got gmail, use the gmail notifier or one of the other available apps
    Do a search or browse through on
    I found serveral different apps that check mail and have a notification in the menu bar - some free, some not.

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    Set Mail to start up as a Login Item under System Preferences => Accounts and then check the box next to it to hide it after launch:

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    Quote Originally Posted by cwa107 View Post
    Set Mail to start up as a Login Item under System Preferences => Accounts and then check the box next to it to hide it after launch:
    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    ...When I choose hidden in the account login section, it still shows up when mac starts....
    I don't know what is going on, checking that should do the trick... Why don't you check it a second time to make sure it's checked...

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    Check out this thread:

    I can't imagine this solution not working on 10.5 but I don't know for sure.
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    According to this page the hide in mail has not worked since 10.4. I tried it here and it did not hide. I set Safari to hide at login and it worked but not mail. They have a little application that makes mail hide till it's fixed. Check out this URL.

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    One of the things I like about Eudora was that it remembered its last state when it was launched. Meaning, if you had closed all of the windows before you quit it the last time, it would open up, check your mail, and (if you hadn't gotten any new mail) then sit quietly.

    It would only open a new window when you got new mail.

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