I've posted this on several forums. I now think it should be treated as a complaint regarding the program iCal as no-one has come up with a solution:-

I'm new to Mac and use iCal to synch. my Palm (Tungsten E2).
I set up iCal so that I had uncompleted Tasks/To-Dos in the right hand column and appointments (and all day events) in the left hand column.
It seems to be impossible to print what I call a "Day Sheet" in this way. This maddening when I have it as I want it on the screen!
When I print ,I get Summarized all day events and then appointments in the left hand column AND the same thing in the right hand column with more detail. Surely this is illogical in any language? The only possible way of printing tasks/to-do's I've found is to print all of them, the vast majority having ticks, (completed) on a separate page.

My work-around for the moment is not to use tasks/to-dos at all, treating them as all day events and then at the end of the day transferring them manually (Editing) them one by one to the next day. This leaves room for errors and takes time.

How do I contact those who wrote the program?

There seem to be several Zones on my Palm which are not synched with Bento:- the Custom 1,2,3,4, Web Site?, AIM and maybe others.
I'm now in the process of copying all information in these zones with the exception of what seems to be synched, to "Notes". With almost 2000 entries in my Palm I have months of "spare-time" work before getting this done! Also Bento (as is the Palm OS contacts) is very, very American. As a European user I would appreciate being able to build the whole address mask from elements in the way we work. eg, if I use the "Zip zone" the code comes out on the wrong side, we always sort by family name.....

Thanks for reading