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    Annoying Font Problem

    I wonder whether anyone would be so kind as to help me with an annoying problem? I recently installed an HP printer/scanner driver on my MacBookPro (Mac OS X Leopard) and have been getting warning messages about a missing font ever since (see attachments). During the installation process, I received no warnings about potential conflicts or deletions, but ever since then, when I open certain applications (e.g. Pages, Keynote, etc.), the following happens:

    1. I get a warning message (see first attachment) and am asked whether I would like to review it;
    2. When I review the warning, I am told that the font "Helvetica-Narrow" has been substituted for the missing font "Helvetica" (see second attachment).

    What am I to do? (Please explain in terms a three-year-old can understand - I am not particularly IT orientated)

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    Before adding or removing fonts, start up in Safe Mode (boot holding SHIFT) to see if it's simply a cache problem. Safe Mode should clear these out for you.

    Some info that may help.

    Alternatively, you could use an app called Pacifist to extract the relevant files you want from the restore discs.
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