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    Server software, or not?

    I am thinking about putting together a low grade server this summer for the purpose of offloading a rendering task from my main computer, which is a macbook pro.

    The graphics program I use doesn't support network rendering, but I had an idea.

    If I load the program onto the server machine, and transfer the animation files to the server, can I run the actual task of rendering on the server?

    The reason for this, is the animation rendering takes 12-24 hrs. I really don't like it locking up my machine for that long, as I need to use it for other tasks, (i.e schoolwork). This is really just a hobby. I've tried rendering overnight, but it's usually still going in the morning.

    So, if I picked up a mac mini or imac, and a copy of OSX server, could I do this?

    Are there alternatives?

    Yes, I realize I could just pick up the machine, and forget about the server software, but I have other ideas/projects I would like use the server for. I have lots of music I'd like to get off my laptop, and I am working on a home automation system, that could take advantage of a networked system. There's also always file storage.

    I am eventually planning to make a small network of 3-4 machines. Would OSX Server do anything for me? Or would I be better off simply setting the machines up separately and doing something simpler, like screen sharing or Synergy?

    Thanks for any help, ideas and suggestions.
    I don't know much at understanding servers and permanent networking.


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    Servers are,....for services. If you plan to provide services like backup, web, file and print, that can be easily accomplished with any old OS X client. If you want to provide DHCP, DNS, Netboot, central authentication and application services, than OS X server might be a good option.

    As far as rendering,...just because you could is not my recommendation. Also rendering would most likely be slower. I find rendering on lower grade machines impacts the overall product as well. This is assuming that the new machine would be an older model.

    If you're going to score another mac anyway, I'd suggest testing the rendering before committing that machine to any other tasks. What ever app you're using may also detect the server OS and say it can't be installed on OS X server.

    I have a mish-mosh of machines doing various tasks in my home but my server is only a server.

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