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    G5 Not shuting Down etc
    Hi All,

    Im running a power mac G5 on OSx 10.3.5, now for the last 2 weeks for some bizare reason the Mac will not shut down, restart or log out, i can put the computer to sleep but this doesnt halp due to the fact that this is a work MAc and working at council it may have sensertive infomation on so u can see the problem i have, i need to be able to at least log out to lock out my work station. At the moment i am simply holding in the power button till it shuts off which i dont like doin. Now i cant remmeber what exactly i was doing before this occured but i remmber running cocktail monthly scripts, im pretty sure i updated disk permissions before installing the OS update but im not 100% sure this is getting to be a big problem and all tho i do back up work reguarly the amount of work i produce on a daily basics it is a bit unrealistic and expensive to bung stuff on disk before i take out the power and my office would end up looking like a cs storage room, has anyone evr seen a problem like this and does anyone know how i can go about fixing this, i have tried everything i have checked no programs are running tht stop shut down but none are i even stop classic and no luck please help as this is driving me mad!!

    cheers Ryan Creamer. :ninja:

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    pleasssseeee help me

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    Looks like it time to call Apple or check their site to see if someone else is having the same problem.
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