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aloc_acoc 04-20-2008 02:41 PM

Stuck in Login-loop after recent software update - Please help!
Hello all,

I'm using iMac G5 17", MacOSX leopard.

The health of my iMac G5 has been well all along, until a few days ago after I performed an software update and it restarted. After entering my login and password at the login page (there are 2 user accounts), it loads everything as usual for a few seconds, but then comes back to the login page and requests me to login again and again, so I am now stuck in this login loop.

Could anyone please help me sort out what's happening, and tell me what the recent software update is about?

Lots of thanks.

mac57 04-20-2008 03:34 PM

Does it behave this way with BOTH user accounts, or just one of them? If both, I am not sure what to suggest, other than re installing Mac OS X, since you never actually "get control of" the Mac long enough to do anything.

If one of the two accounts works, your simplest path of action may be to simply create a new account for yourself, move all of your files over from the old one, and start again.

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