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    Leopard Macbook Pro Discs.

    I took this to the official support forums, but obviously I'm not going to get any real help beyond "Wait, or re-purchase leopard" due to Apple Staff browsing them.

    In saying that;

    Long story short: I've recently moved homes and somehow managed to lose my leopard discs. I've borrowed a friends Macbook Pro install discs, unfortunately, I have a regular White Macbook - so you're probably aware of my problem that when I try to install, I'm being informed it's a nono.

    I've just purchased an Air that arrives monday/tuesday, but I would rather format this Macbook again so I'm able to hand it over to a friend.

    Is there any way to bypass being told that the Pro specific discs cannot be installed on any other machine? Surely it can't be that difficult, someone must have done it somewhere, I really don't want to have to fork out a buttload of money for more discs that I won't even need after one install, since Air comes with it's own specific edited version of Leopard.


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    No there isn't anyway to bypass the restriction.

    Putting aside your question's obvious Apple EULA and the forum rules violations...

    The disks that come with Macs are restore disks and are hardware specific so you'll never be able to use them on another Mac model.

    So the only thing to do :

    Call Apple and get replacement disks for your MacBook.

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