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Thread: problem upgrading to iTunes7.6 & quicktime 7.4.5 on a Mac OS X 10.3.9

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    Apr 16, 2008
    Unhappy problem upgrading to iTunes7.6 & quicktime 7.4.5 on a Mac OS X 10.3.9

    I'm running a mac panther OS X 10.3.9

    I was running an older version of iTunes as well as quicktime. I decided to upgrade them and so I clicked the apple icon and selected "software update"
    It automatically updated quicktime and itunes to the latest version (quicktime 7.4.5 & iTunes 7.6)
    When I tried running itunes it wouldn't run neither did quicktime.

    After many hours I figured that quicktime 7.4.5 was somehow installed through the automatic software update and its minimum system requirements are OSX 10.4.
    I figure that's why itunes isn't running either...(needs to run quicktime but it isn't working)

    How could I fix this.? I found a software to downgrade quicktime from 7.0.1 to 6... but didn't work since I have quicktime 7.4.5 installed (does not work)

    How can I uninstall quicktime 7.4.5 or downgrade it??? how can I have my itunes working.

    I don't use this computer online much since it's a working station for audio software....

    Please help...

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    Jun 17, 2008
    Upgraded QuickTime - now problems
    A while back I upgraded the itunes software - and had issues with other applications - like, Mail - my mailboxes disappeared ????, there were other things - Firefox no longer had any of my bookmarks ... an inconvenience, but I did manage to start re-building (manually) these things.

    Two days ago I got the notice to upgrade QuickTime - I was stupid - and upgraded QuickTime.

    Oh, for the days of the good old Classic.

    So, when I rebooted - my dock lost all the customizing I had done, Firefox lost all the bookmarks that I had just restored, and iTunes somehow determined that it didn't want the music library that I had, and stored it. Fortunately, I've been able to restore most of that - whew! I hadn't backed up the music I had purchased --- guess what I'm doing about that!

    I don't know what else has been affected , but just wondered if anyone else has had similar experiences so logged on to this forum - and, apparently the answer is YES!


    My lesson: I'm not upgrading anything anymore unless it's a security issue. I miss the MACs of old in their forth-right ease of use and troubleshooting.

    Sorry about your problem, hope you are able to resolve it soon.


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    Nov 12, 2008
    Apple does not make it easy to find their software for Panther (and there ARE still users who muct use this on their machines!)

    So to help anyone who comes upon this thread here are the last versions of Quicktime and iTunes for Panther:

    Quicktime 7.5 for Panther
    Apple - Support - Downloads - QuickTime 7.5 for Panther

    iTunes 7.7
    Apple - Support - Downloads - iTunes 7.7


    As far as the Firefox and Dock issues, those may be from permissions or file system damage and wouldn't lay blame on QT update doing that, you should really run disk utility on your drive.

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