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    Multiple Transparent Apps? Enter for explanation. How can I do it :X ?
    Hello, at college, while working with photoshop on a certain Mac. There was something that caught my eye and I want to do it on my macbook pro. You see, while working in photoshop, if I clicked on the Desktop or even scroll the mouse out of the work area for like 1-2seconds the workspace would shrink into the sides and to make it reappear you would just hover your mouse over the far left side of the screen, or right or whatever, and the click ; then photoshop will appear again. Get it ?

    How can I make this happen with my mac also? On mine when I'm in photoshop and click on desktop the program just disappears and only workarea remains visible. I want that other effect. THANK YOU

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    This either is some setting in Photoshop itself (you'll have to examine your preferences in Photoshop), or perhaps what you saw was Exposé's "Show Desktop" feature in action. In your System Preferences, open the Exposé pref panel and see what shortcuts you are using. I believe you can set cursor hot spots as well as keyboard and mouse click commands.

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