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    Angry Spaces and MS Word 2008
    I don't think that MS Word 2008 plays nicely with Spaces. When I assign Word to Space 3 it doesn't work. Word will open on top of any application in any space that is currently open. After working with Word for a few minutes and switching between spaces Word will eventually freeze up and not accept any input until I turn Spaces off.

    I have tried to assign Word to "All Spaces" and that doesn't even work. It looks like MS put out another poorly written application.

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    i feel your pain brother..

    i keep mine on space 2 and the little toolbox always wants to jump over to space 1 every now and again ..
    i just hit fn +F8 (spaces) and then c (which collects all the apps to space 1)
    then i hit c again to reverse that

    the toolbox and word both go back to space 2

    a pain .. yes but hopefully theyll fix it !!!!!!!!!

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    calcalcal, i'll have to try that trick, thanks for posting it. my experience is that my palette box completely disappears; on a similar note, how the **** do you install the UPDATES for office 2008??? i've read a couple different things; one was saying that you had to go in and edit some code. The other was saying that you have to install EACH subsequent update, because you need the last update to install the new one... any easier way of doing this??

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    Temp Solution
    Found this thread when I started experiencing the same issue. If you close the "formatting palette", that solves the problem for me; I mostly use the toolbars anyway. For some reason, the palettes seem anchored to either screen 1 or whatever screen Word was started in. Hope this helps!

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