I have an ibook with 10.4.2 (am not going to upgrade to 10.4.11 -- another story) and an older ibook onto which I am reinstalling its original 10.3 (not sure I can get 10.4 on it, nor am I sure I wish to); I would then like to get my emails/addresses and browser bookmarks (Firefox & Safari), which are all on the 10.4.2 ibook, transferred over to the 10.3 ibook. I don't wish to transfer the apps because I've (a) had occasional problems with them on the 10.4.2 ibook, and (b) they are a system higher and I don't want conflicts to occur once I've transferred them over to the 10.3 ibook.

Anyway, are there specific folders which I can locate/migrate to get the emails/addresses and browser bookmarks over to the 10.3 ibook without having to migrate the Mail/Safari/Firefox apps? While I'm at it, same question for itunes.

(Note -- in case you're curious why I'm not just putting 10.4.2 on the older book, it's because there have been some problems on the the newer book --that's the one that has 10.4.2 on it) and I'm not sure I want to use its install disks on my older book, when I could just use my original, reliable 10.3 install disks that came with the older book).

Thanks a bundle,