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Thread: weird problems with startup and audio programs

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    Unhappy weird problems with startup and audio programs
    So, I have a really weird problem and I'm hoping somebody may be able to help me. I recently installed a new audio program, the Korg Legacy collection, and immediately afterward my computer started acting really weird.

    As I installed the new software my computer froze up and the fans started to spin faster than they have ever spun before.

    Then none of my audio programs would open in stand alone mode. I could open logic but it would distort as if it were clicking or popping during playback. I erased the Korg Legacy program that I installed as well as some other programs and Logic Pro 7. I reinstalled Logic but it continues to experience the same problem.

    I also noticed, during all of my rebooting that the startup has been affected. The apple image that is displayed during startup distorts a little before loading my desktop. This didn't used to happen but started after all of this. So, my assumption is that whatever problem my computer is experiencing is not limited to the audio programs.

    If anybody has any advice on where to start with this I would greatly appreciate it.

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    I'm using a dual 2 GHz powermac G5.

    I'm gonna try those suggestions. Thank You!

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