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    Leopard will not install
    We purchased the 5 user license for Leopard to install on 3 of our macs.
    I installed it on the first without any problems but the second one it will not complete the install, it gives me the following message.

    Install Failed

    Mac OS X could not be installed on your computer

    The source media you are installing from is damaged. Try installing from a different copy of the source media or contact the manufacturer for a replacement.

    I have tried this several times and always get the same message. It should also be noted that this system was getting kernel panic errors on startup 1 in 3 times.

    The install option I tried was erase and install in hopes that it would fix these issues.

    If this was a PC I would run a low level format and a disk check, and if that did not work I would start checking the hardware. Is this an option in a Mac or should if find a local repair shop?

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    What model Mac is this you are having issues with?

    Often Kernel Panics are caused by bad RAM. Can you reliably boot from the Leopard DVD every time and get to the install screen? If so, run the Disk Utility from the Utilities drop down. Repair permissions and have it check the drive. You can also partition from the disk utility.

    What are you doing when the Kernel Panic's occur?

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    Mar 27, 2008
    I am working on a G5.
    When the kernel panic happens the system is just trying to startup.

    I can boot to the dvd every time without issue so I will run the disk check and let you know what happens.

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    Mar 27, 2008
    The check of the disk took all of 2 seconds and said everything was fine.
    I also erased the entire disk and started the install over and still got the same thing, about 2/3 of the way through it give the message that it could not be installed.

    Any other thoughts?

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    When you boot from the DVD run Repair Disk under Utilities and see if anything is reported there.

    Is the HDD showing SMART verified?

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    Try running the Apple Hardare Test.
    You mentioned 1 out of 3 installed, what abouth the other Mac?
    If 1 out of the 3 installs and both other Mac's give the; "The source media you are installing from is damaged. Try installing from a different copy of the source media or contact the manufacturer for a replacement", then I would contact Apple for a replacement.

    If it's just the G5, then consider getting it looked at.
    About Kernel Panics.
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    You could have an issue with the optcial drive when it gets to that point on the disc....just an idea
    This is a multiplatform home !

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    Agreed with nbrowser and trav, now that you give more info. Did you try making sure the install disk doesn't have any fingerprints, dust or dirt on it ? Maybe that Mac's optical drive is more difficult in reading media ?

    Another thing you could do is trying to install via Target Disk mode by using one of the Macs that has Leopard on it and is doing fine and the G5 being the target.

    But, you mention that the G5 was getting kernel panics... Was that before trying to install Leopard on it ? In this case, I wouldn't look for a solution with a Leopard install, there is definitely something wrong with the G5 no matter which OS version is on it. Can you recall when the kernel panics started happening ? Was it after a software install ? Was it after you added a new peripheral ? Did you add any new RAM when this started happening ?

    Edited to add :

    Which G5 model is it ? Power Mac or iMac ? There are repair programs (part of recalls) for some models, depending on your serial number.

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    mac_stupid -

    You mentioned doing a low-level format of the HDD. I would strongly advise against that because you'll likely end up with a paperweight instead of a hard drive. Low-level formatting worked with older hard drives, but this will destroy most modern ones.

    Furthermore, the error message doesn't point to the HDD at all, but rather the install disk or the optical drive. Have you cleaned the optical drive lately? I'd try use the Kensington Drive Guardian disk, or a similar product. Also, like others have mentioned, make sure the install disk itself isn't smudged, scratched or dirty.

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    The install disk is perfect, no smudges, finger prints or scratches.

    This system had kernel panics before this install and I do not know when it started but it has been going on for a while. I know that this system was taken in for repair before and it was a software problem then and it worked for a couple of months before it started again. The original user does not know what he did to cause the problem, and I am sorry to say that he knows less about Macs then I do and he has worked on them for the last 9 years. I have only started playing with them a month ago.

    The G5 in question is a mac pro I think, it is in a big aluminum case.

    I have though that the optical drive might be at fault but don't have a spare to test with and we have not drive cleaners.

    As for trying the disk on the third system, that is not a possibility until this one is working. As I have to swap that one out with this one.

    I am thinking that I will need to take this one into a local repair shop for testing.

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    Like most said here before sounds like bad RAM. I had a the same exact issue on my MacBook. When I brought it in to apple they popped out my RAM and put in Apple RAM and the install went fine.

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