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    I have never been on a mac before until today, my boss calls me and tells me to go fix that mac.

    We had this mac at what we will call b18. Every branch server have a networked drive set with their employees own personal folder. The mac is now at b99. The problem is (and excuse as I do not know the proper mac terms) the user who was at b18 created an alias file that points to her folder on the network at b18. She was recently transferred to b99. That means her personal folder on the network was at b18 but now it is at b99. The alias file she created is no longer valid. I was tryin to connect to b99 server by the means of "go-->find server" and was getting error # 36. I was gettin asked to fix her alias file and I pointed it towards the b99 network share and to no avail it didn't work. I also tried to delete the alias file and it said I didn't have enough permissions. I log her out and logged in under an account we named information technology with admin rights. I was able to find and create an alias that points to her folder on the b99 server, so it works on one account and not the other.

    My question is how do I go about deleting the alias file and starting over, so I can add the b99 network share to her account?

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    Ok... you say you created an alias that DOES work, but only under the admin account? I'm no networking expert, but look at what you have here: a working alias that only works under the admin user. This isn't a problem with the alias or the computer itself, the server simply isn't set up to allow her on with her user id. That's my unqualified observation anyways... I reserve the right to be proven wrong by a higher authority.

    Oh... BTW... delete the old alias via the admin user. Navigate to whereever the old alias is and delete away.

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