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    Unhappy OS X not recognising digital camera
    hi all,

    I have a digital camera (Contax TVS Digital, fwiw) but I can't get the pictures off it. When it is plugged in (USB) the camera lights and screen tell me it's OK. But it doesn't show as a drive on my desktop/Finder, and iPhoto can't see it either.

    The strange thing is that the first time I plugged it in it did show up as a drive, and I dragged the pictures off it to my desktop. Perhaps I shouldn't have done that, it hasn't shown up since.

    Can anyone help? I've searched for drivers on the web, I've formatted and reset the camera...what else can I do? Not sure if I've restarted my MacBook Pro since then, I never turn it off unless it crashes or needs restarting.

    Any ideas would be great as the cameras unusable at present. Maybe I need to get a separate memory card reader?

    thanks in advance,

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    mem card reader is what I use and it has allways treated the card as a seperate drive. um just speculating... (I don't know that this will help at all) you might want to do some OS maintainence, and restart your comp. Again, that is what I would try but I don't have any reason to think that the problem has to do with a bad disk permission or any other maintainence issue.

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