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    Treminal or Terminator?
    While bouncing around in MyHeritage (Mac OS 10.3.9) a window appeared advising me my Java was passe and thoughtfully provided the appropriate download then and there. Suspicious, I exited the site and looked elsewhere. I found "About the Java Update for Mac OS X v10.3.9" at the Apple Store. Accompanying the download were instructions on how to determine if I actually needed it. The instructions were to open Terminal and type: java -version and press return.

    Sounded simple enough, but I never got to first base. I couldn't get the cursor to appear. The terminal screen with some unintelligible stuff typed in the upper left corner was as dead as Julius Ceasar.

    Should I be messing with this?

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    To see if you need the Java update, all you really need to do is run Software Update.
    If it shows up, then you don't have it. If it doesn't, then you do.

    As far as Terminal not showing a cursor, you may need to do some basic OS X repairs, but I really wouldn't worry about it too much. You really don't need to touch the Terminal.
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