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    Exclamation OSX Bug on MBP? Screen flickers on login, asks for password twice.
    *I didn't want to put this in the OS X - Operating System discussion because it also used to happen with 10.4, and I also think it might be an issue limited to MBP's*

    For some reason, not every time, but rather often, after typing in my password and clicking "OK" on the login screen (after opening the lid on my MBP to resume it from sleep), then screen will sort of "flicker", turn black, and then the login screen will reappear and I will have to type in my password again, click "OK", and then I will be logged in.

    It doesn't always happen like that - sometimes the screen will flicker and then stay black after initially typing in my password. It won't respond to anything, and I'll have to close the lid, wait for the light to indicate it is sleeping, and then open the lid, type the password and then I'll be logged in fine.

    I wouldn't say that this has been an issue since I first bought it (14 months ago), but I would say that it has been happening for so long now that I cannot remember when it first started. Perhaps, for 9 months now. Does anyone else have this issue or know what's causing it? Is it something I did, or is it something everyone experiences?

    EDIT: Would it help if I took a video of it so you could see?

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    I noticed that, but only if my MBP wakes up then sleeps again without opening the lid (it sometimes happen if I connect/disconnect power supply, and you notice it because the light stops flashing, then starts again) ...

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    It is still a software issue.

    Try the steps listed in this thread:
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