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Thread: Xcode?

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    Question Xcode?
    Hey guys,
    My computer science teacher told me that I need to use the IDE for mac which is Xcode. I believe that xcode can be found in my OS cds that came with my computer. the thing is i am running leopard right now on my ibook g4 that came with tiger. how can i get the xcode tools onto my computer? when i installed leopard, i did a clean install.

    thanks for the help,

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    Xcode is included on the Leopard DVD, I believe. Xcode 3.0.

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    thanks for the response,
    would i have to reinstall the entire os over again or can i just add xcode 3.0.


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    No I think you could look at bundled software or something. Sorry, I'm not running Leopard so can't check it out for you, you'll have to do it yourself.

    Just pop in the Leopard DVD, doubleclick the Leopard icon on the desktop and check it out : to install Xcode you don't need to boot from the DVD, of that I am sure. It should be quite apparent where Xcode is on the DVD.

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    I don't have my DVD handy, but it should be in one of two possible locations:
    The "Optional Installs" folder or it's own folder "developer tools"
    In either case, it's on there by itself. You won't have to reinstall the OS, because it is, well, an "optional install"

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    hi and thanks for the responses,
    on apples mac os x 10.5 tech specs page:

    it says that the minimum requirements for running the developers tools (which i believe means the xcode software) requires 1GB of memory.

    i am running on an ibook g4 12 inch 1.2ghz 768mb 30gb HDD (17.3 GB free).

    would the best way to go for me would be to reinstall mac os x 10.4 (tiger) and use tiger's xcode tools instead?


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