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    Sep 18, 2006
    Repair start up disk?
    I wanted to run OnyX but it said something that I had to repair the start up disk? What would cause this? Should I do it? (it says something about using a Mac OX cd/dvd). Will I lose all my stuff on my computer?

    I'm so bad with computers

    Help please!

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    I cannot answer for your computer but I just downloaded the same program a few hours ago and got the same message. I followed the instructions and fixed the problem and have had no problems.

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    Sunshine use your install DVD that Tiger came with, insert DVD and reboot holding down 'C'. When it boots go to Utilities.Disk Utility and run Repair Disc. It will give a report and hopefully say all is well and repaired.

    You will not lose anything UNLESS you select 'Erase and Install' and not Utilities.

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    I just had to go through it for the first time a few hours ago.
    Worked fine, now everything seems to be ok.

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