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    Bootable back up cd of Apple Restore CD
    I understand that Microsoft allows people to make legit bootable backup copies of Windows XP. I tried to do this with my Apple Restore cd for my Powerbook G4 but failed. I thought that just making an image of the cd and then burning it through Disk Copy would work but it doesn't recognize the disc after reboot even though I hold down C. I'm not trying to pirate the CD or anything, I just have a habit of losing things often because I move around a lot. Thanks for the help.

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    I found these instructions at another site, maybe they can help. If all else fails you can copy & burn it in Toast.

    1. Launch Disk Utility (in the Applications: Utilities folder).
    2. Insert the first Panther CD, and when its icon appears in the left side of the Disk Utility, select Mac OS X Install Disc 1.
    3. Click on the New Image button at the top of the Disk Utility window and, in the resulting sheet, name the file (Panther 1, for example); then select DVD/CD Master from the Image Format pop-up menu. Don't change the None setting in the Encryption pop-up menu.
    4. Click on Save and eat half a snack while Disk Utility creates an image of the disc.
    5. Select the image and click on the Burn button.
    6. Insert a blank CD-R and enjoy the other half of your snack while Disk Utility burns and verifies your disc.
    7. Repeat for all the other Panther discs that you want to back up.

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