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    Documents (changing location to Network)
    I use both XP and iMAC and I would love to have a common place for all My documents on the Network Server. SO I have done it on XP but I have not clue how to do it on iMAC (Leopard)

    Someone said to delete Documents and put an Alias from network location in place, but I can't delete Documents the system tells me that I can't delete Documents.

    So is there a solution for that?

    thanks, I am totaly green on iMAC this is my 1st weeek and I love it but I am not used to having such simple questions since I have been running PC from DOS 3.2 days and Linux too. I feel funny but I love iAMC so far

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    I hope this helps. I have a linux (ubunto) server and have a share with it and my mac using samba. I selected a file on the server via "finder" on my mac and did a "ctr click" then selected "make alias". This made an alias on the server. I then moved the alias to the folder on the mac. It looks like that makes a copy of the alias on my mac. I then deleted the alias on the server.

    The only problem is the alias to an individual file appears in the "places" in finder. I couldn't drop it on the desktop or add it to my home directory.

    I would suggest just mounting the network drive and opening the document directly.

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