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Thread: System Crash? or not

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    System Crash? Need Help !!!!!!!
    I have G4 iMac 1.25 Ghz pre installed with 10.2.7 which i upgraded to 10.4.10 last year. The problem is i recently purchased leopard & tried to installed it on my system but the very first action it did was "checking DVD for its consistency" i let it checked & didnt skip the process but after 100% the new message popup saying "the action couldnt performed because the system has not installed 10.4 or later"?????

    Actually the problem started a week earlier when i was trying to recover my friend's data from his harddisk connected with my computer through USB cable, (only HD not the whole system through Firewire). I was burning his data on DVD & unfortunately the power went off (Because of electricity cut off in my area).
    After that incident whenever i started my system i could not see many of the icons but only names (mostly the files i'd created, but also some system icon)
    So i tried to repair it through disk utility but i was able to use only "Verify disk" which said that the disk needs to be repaired but i couldny use the "repair disk" option because it was deemed.
    That was the reason i bought 10.5 & tried to installed(upgrade) OS but it said that i dont have 10.4 installed on it.

    The main problem right now is My computer doesnt start up, i can only see apple logo on middle of the screen & one little line rounds up just below the logo making circle & after around 1.5 minutes it shuts down

    Please help me ?

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    Some info on how Disk Utility works.

    Upgrading doesn't work as well as the other options, especially when you already have problems. I would recommend the "Erase and Install". Anything you want to keep, back up before you start.
    Follow this link for installing.
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