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    Mail's inbox reads an hour earlier than rest of system
    G4 ibook; System 10.4.2: My finder reads the correct time, but the system's Mail program inbox is an hour behind. I did a test by sending myself a message at 3:15 PM. When it arrived in my inbox, the displayed time read 2:15 PM. Yet in the sent folder, the very same message read as the accurate time sent (3:15). This is disconcerting of course. Is there some place where you can reset Mail's time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fireape View Post
    System 10.4.2
    I suspect that this is related to the Daylight Savings Time change. Update to the latest version of Tiger (10.4.11) and make sure your time zone and DST settings are correct for your location.

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    Thanks for suggestions re: mail inbox an hour earlier
    The frustrating part was that only the INbox was an hour earlier, whereas the SENT box had the correct time. Thanks for your suggestions, which urged me to give the time zone thing another try (I had done if before but to no avail). It worked: the Mail INBox's clock is now on time and in synergy with the other mailboxes. Asking the OS clock to set time automatically did the job -- although I had tried that several times previously too, but to no avail. Anyway...

    ...thanks again.


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