I tried searching the forum and google and didn't turn up much so here are my somewhat intelligent questions. Is there a way that I can set different processes to execute on a given core. I understand how to set priority and how to background process, at least in Linux, but is there a way to do this. I don't mind if it is not an installable solution or if it's something I have to hack.

My reason for doing this is I run Virtual Box with XP and Visual Studio. I gave them 512RAM as Visual Studio can be a memory hog above and beyond Windows. I am going to max out my Ram in the near future and I really don't have any noticeable slowdown issues but I did find when running iStat that the load is not very balanced or it could be balanced better IMHO.

I am still very new to Macs so I am slowly figuring out what their capabilities and strengths and weakness are. I have also been searching for a good book on the OSX kernel, I have been reading through the Apple Development stuff and at least the files I have found are not real meaty. If I can't find the stuff through Apple how close is it to the Free BSD kernel. I am pretty sure it is a ways off of the Linux kernel or am I wrong? I am looking for something like the O'Reilly books "Understanding the Linux Kernel" and "Linux Device Drivers" both of which leave few stones unturned.

I also found an O'Reilly book called "Mac OS Tiger for Unix Geeks" among a ton of other seemingly good books for Tiger. I understand with different OS versions things can dramatically change but do you think that these books and that one in particular is worth it or should I wait.