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    Will deleting my 'main' administrator account cause much problems?
    Okay, here's my problem. I bought myself a Macbook Pro this morning from my school's notebook vendor, but they gave me a really stupid short & home name; however I realized creating a new user allows you to pick whatever you want.

    What I want to know is - Will creating a new administrator account and deleting the old one completely (including home drive) affect my system software? The main user has Microsoft Office 2008 & Norton Antivirus (not that I care about this one); will everything run just as well on my new user? (I'm mainly interested to know about Microsoft Office)


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    You should have no problem, unless some of your software is loaded in the old admin home folder.

    To be on the safe side. Create your new admin account and run with it for a while. After you find that everything is working fine. Then remove the old account.
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