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    Oct 28, 2007
    Angry Leopard Upgrade from Panther on iMac G4 Help
    So I bought myself an iTouch, got it home then realised I needed 10.4 or above
    I bought my G4 iMac in 2004, and havent upgraded it at all, so it was operating on 10.3.9.

    I have bought Leopard 10.5, it cam today - got it out of the packet stuck it in the drive, takes forever to load up then finally comes to life, saying that it doesnt have enough RAM to install MAC OS X.
    as it has previously had MAC OS X Panther why does it state this?!

    Im reaching the end of my tether now!
    Am I going to have to take it to a shop to have it upgraded with more memory/RAM?

    I wish I had just bought the 80gb iPod now.....

    please someone put me out of m misery!!!

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    You can install the ram yourself, I would max out the ram in that imac

    you don't give the specific model, but have a look around this site

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    And as luishen implies, it must have at least an 867MHz processor and at least 1GB memory.

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    1GB Memory = RAM yes?

    I have 256Mb, but I cannot go above 1Gb as this will diminish the operating power - This is built into my Mac I presume?! I have looked at the manual so I know how to replace/change RAM thanks to louishen posting the PDF - I have found a supplier locally that sells RAM - I just need reckon out how much to buy to bulk it up to 1Gb.

    As for the 867 MHz - sorry to be a dumbass - what does this refer to?
    (does it refer to the intel G4??)

    I'm dum when it comes to Computers - thats why I bought a Mac!! haha

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    867 Mhz refers to the speed of the G4 processor.

    Your machine will accept 1gig of RAM in a single stick (putting any more in won't diminish the operating power, the machine just won't be able to recognise any memory above one gigabyte).

    There's one slot - just plug it in.

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