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    leave it to the Pro's
    I'm sure this is easy enough for some of you mac pros out there to decide.
    I'm just trying to get an idea of which way to go with my new MBP...
    What would the pro's do...?

    1) I have a an older 80GB/ 1.4 mac mini (ppc) with about 50GB of music/photos/files on it.
    2) I have an external HD (160GB) with backups of those files and a few other things = about 100GB.

    3) Now I have a nice clean new 160GB MBP that I will use as my main home computer, and sometimes take it with me when I travel.

    My question is simply: should I migrate files and app's or just keep the MBP clean and start from scratch?

    I've read quite a few posts on some forums where people used their mini's with their TV and stereo, so I'm leaning toward doing that for my photos and music.

    But I'm not sure what to do to maximize all three pieces.

    Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks for reading.


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    It is hard to give any suggestions. My guesses: If you don't travel a lot and want to have your Pictures and Files always with you, when you and your MBP leave the house, there is no point in copying everything to the MBP.
    If you use your MBP strictly as a desktop that's what I would do. If portability is a BIG issue for you, go ahead and copy everything ;-)

    This is all the advice I can give you ;-)

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    I would put the mini on your network and hook it up to the TV, that way you can access it with your MBP. Then, when you are going to take the MBP on a trip, you can temporarily put whatever entertainment files you want on it

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    I see no reason to put your files on the MBP if they are already backed up on an external and housed on your mini.
    Just transfer files as needed to the other machines, keeping them backed up on the external at all times.
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    I like your suggestion #3...If you could walk me through the process, I'd appreciate it. I have no clue, when it comes to this stuff.

    And how about the external HD? Leave it at my desk and connect it to the MBP, or does it go with the mini and TV setup?

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    It's NEVER a bad idea to have your data in at least TWO different places.

    I lost some stuff when my main desktop's RAID configuration became corrupted, and I didn't have a copy on an external drive. LUCKILY my irreplaceable data (pictures, music) actually were backed up to an external drive.

    Sometime in the not too distant future, I think I'll get the TimeCapsule 500GB unit to use as my AP and NAS backup for both my MB and my PC.
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