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Thread: shared - is someone using my computer

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    shared - is someone using my computer

    I'm really confused and would greatly appreciate some advice.
    i recently upgraded to 10.5 and within the Shared section in the side bar it shows a pc computer titled, 'thomson'

    i do not understand this - is this someone using my internet connection, if so ho can i prevent this.

    many thanks

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    are you using an unsecured wireless connection?
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    Are you on a network that others use? If so, anyone using that network will appear in your shared list, but it doesn't necessarily mean they have access to your computer. If you still feel a little concerned turn on Firevault on the security section under preferences.

    Also, I've noticed sometimes even after I leave a shared network, like in the library, and go home to my own network the computer names from the library will still show up. After some time or a restart they go away.
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    ok - thanks for the responses

    firstly, i believe i am using a secure wireless connection, as i am using a bt hub which requires a wep password. so this confuses how anyone can use my connection.

    i haven't tried filevault yet, but will try it - and post back


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    also - i have only had the computer 2 days and haven't used it in a public network space (i.e library) so have only used my home connection

    also no one is using this connection apart from myself

    any ideas?

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